Social Studies: Children as Citizens

  • Families working together now and in the past

    Families working together now and in the past
    Students will watch a video of how families had to work together in the past to obtain food, water, and shelter, versus now.
  • Different families assignment

    Different families assignment
    The students will get into groups and each have a role of a mother father and child. Then, they will be asked to come up with things that is expected of each person for their role. The children will then come up with things expected many years ago. Then they will compare and contrast.
  • Communication Video

    Communication Video
    Students will watch an education video of how communication has changed over time. Between modes of transportation, cell phone vs messenger, horse and car, etc.
  • Communication Assignment

    Communication Assignment
    For this assignmnet the students will list the differences in modes of transportation and communication as seen in the video from the previous day.