Factory Farming Action Plan

  • Questions

    With Ms. Ritchie the questions were discussed and reviewed for Capstone.
  • More With Questions

    The questions are finalized and prepared to go out to the Senior class for their thoughts.
  • Period: to

    Timeline of Attainability

    This is a timeline of events that will happen to ensure that the goals for this topic are met.
  • Surveys were made

    These surveys were about the issues of Factory Farming and health awareness.
  • The Results were given back

    The results came back indicating what students thought and how they feel about heath issues.
  • Organic Meal

    I talked to Ms.McClemet about arranging an organic meal that would promote healthy foods. This was planned to be in March and then would repeat one a quarter or semester based on monetary funds.
  • Data Analysis

    This is an analysis of the data I obtained from students.
  • Graph made and results added

    After the results were collected. I then had to interpret what the results meant and how students feel.
  • Let's Talk

    I talked with Ms.McClemet about the St. Martin food program and where we get our foods from. The idea then arose of having an organic meal and possibly sponsoring with a local farm for meats
  • Meal Organized

    An organic meal has been organized to promote healthy habits. The meal will include one meat, vegetable, and a side dish. The meal will be prepared and given out to students during lunch. I will be assisting in the portion.
  • Snacks?

    Information is exchanged for having during school snacks, like fruits and veggies that will keep the students satisfied and not have to eat high sodium snacks such as chips.
  • Meal Time

    The meal is served and questions are asked of students what they liked and did it taste better than the other lunches.
  • Sit and Talk

    After the meal is done and students are asked quesrions and results are tallyed Ms.McClemet and I talk about the future for organic meal next year.
  • The future

    The plans for next year are made. This include fidning out if I will be able to act this plan for the following school year.