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  • Mar 13, 1451

    An Explorer Was Born

    John Cabot was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy.
  • May 20, 1497

    Good-Bye England

    John Cabot left with one ship, the Matthew. It was a small ship, weighed 50 tons and was 60 feet long. The crew had only 18 people! He left on May 20, 1497 He sailed to Dursey Head Ireland. From there he sailed due west toward Asia. Well, thats what he thought.
  • Jun 26, 1497

    Land Ho

    He landed on the east coast of North American on June 24, 1497. John Cabot landed near Labrador on Cape Breton Island. He also found the island of Prima Vista and discovered what is now St. Johns.
  • Jul 20, 1497

    England's New Home

    On July 20, 1497, John Cabot rowed ashore, put a flag in the new land of North America and claimed it for England.
  • Aug 6, 1497

    Home Sweet Home

    When John Cabot returned to Bristol, England in August of 1497, he earned a reward of 20 pounds a year from King VII.
  • Apr 29, 1498

    The Last Voyage of John Cabot

    In 1498, he made another voyage with 5 ships.
    One ship called in distress and made for an Irish Port. After they left for the voyage no one ever saw John Cabot again. Historians believe he was lost at sea and died.
  • May 30, 1525

    A Young John Rises

    In 1508, John Cabot's son (Sebastian Cabot) made a voyage to North America looking for the Northwest Passage. He also repeated Magellan's voyage from 1525-1528.
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