Exploration of the New World

  • Aug 14, 1508

    Juan Ponce De Leon accompanied C.C on his second voyage

    Juan Ponce De Leon accompanied C.C on his second voyage to the New World. He was appointed first governor of Puerto Rico and is also credited w/ first excursion to Florida.
  • Period: Aug 14, 1508 to

    Time span

  • Aug 14, 1517

    Coast of Yucatan

    Cordoba reached the coast of Yucatan
  • Aug 14, 1519

    First phase pf the Spanish colonization

    Hernando Cortez began the first phase of the Spanish colonization of the Americas
  • Aug 14, 1521


    Fall of the Tenochtitlan
  • Aug 14, 1524

    1524 francisco ppirzarro

    conqured the inca impempir
  • Aug 14, 1535

    Jacues cartier

    Jacues Cartier explored the northwest part if the continit, discoversd the st.lawrence river,did this in 2 voyages.
  • Aug 14, 1540

    First European

    to see the grand canyon was Garcia Lopez de cardenas
  • Aug 14, 1565

    st. Augustine

    st. augustine was founded by the spanish
  • Sebastian Vizcaino

    spanish soldier and was commisioned to explore and map the western cost
  • Samuel De Champian

    credited founder of Qubec.
  • Dutch henry hudson

    English Navigator the dutch sent him to america
  • Santa Fe San Miguel Mission

    was founded as the Capital of the spanish colony of new Mexico
  • Dutch

    the dutch controle Albany
  • Dutch Family

    30 dutch familys arrived in the us and made a settlements in todays manhatten.
  • Jocques Marquette and Louis joliet

    went to explor the missippi River to see if it was a water passage to the pacific ocean
  • Mexicae et floridae

    shows the extent of the new spain