• Sep 3, 1492

    Christopher Columbus

    Columbus sailed to the bahamin islands in 1492 but he thought that the island were India but he was wrong.
  • Sep 3, 1497

    Vasco da Gama

    Vasco was the first person to sail around Africa and up to the spice islands in Asia that took him from 1497-1498
  • Sep 3, 1508

    Juan Ponce de Leon

    Juan explored the setteled island of Puerto Rico but instead of landing in Puerto Rico he landed on Flordia and the north carribean islands
  • Sep 3, 1520

    lucas vazquez de ayllon

    had intended to make a strong colony for Spain on the Atlantic coast
  • Sep 3, 1524

    Giovanni Da Verrazano

    Giovanni sailed to the outer banks of North Carolina as well as farther up the coast
  • Sep 3, 1539

    Hernando de Soto

    Found Tallahase Florida,went to Geoga, south carolina, and the western tip of North Carolina Soto was the first person to see these regions
  • Sep 4, 1564

    Rene de Laudonniere

    Brought a second set of Huguenots to te Americas and settled at fort Caroline also brought supply ships to the fort
  • Sep 4, 1565

    Pedro Menedez de Aviles

    set up a attack on fort Caroline and captured it from the French
  • Sep 4, 1566

    Pedro de Coronas

    after a failed mission settlement due to stom condition he and his crew landed on the outer banks and marked the land with a cross
  • Sep 4, 1566

    Juan Pardo and Hernando Boyano

    Led a small group of men into the South Carolina coast then went on nearly the same route de Soto took the discovered the Foot hills and blue ridge mountians(pic couldn't be found)