EVSC Common Core Implementation

  • PARCC Assessment Team meeting

    Cassie Grobin, Missy Feller, Mechelle Gillis, Allana Hodge, Cari Kingery, Lori Manion, Leslie Wilhelmus, Andrea Campbell, Marlene James, Katie Minihan, Michelle Gmutza
  • 1st Semester PARCC team orientation

    Missy Feller, Marlene James, Mechelle Gillis, Cassie Gobin, Leslie Wilhemus, Andrea Campbell, Carie Kingery, Lorie Manion, Allana Hodge
    expectations and team assignments - timeline
  • Timeline for 1st Semester PARCC Team

    Emailed timeline
    PARCC Assessment Team – Semester 1, October 17-21 administration date
  • Principal Meeting

    Common Core Focus: Unwrap a CC standard
    Sit in grade level configurations
    Provide and understanding of how current supports are in place to assist schools, ie. coaches, data wise.
    Address integration of 221 plan
    Provide binder of CC materials. EVSC timeline, IDOE Transition Road Map
    Task: Work with building leadership teams to develop a CC roll out for your building. Be prepared to share with others at October Principal's meeting
    ELA focus
  • PARCC work session

  • PARCC work session

  • PARCC assessment question review

  • PARCC due date to central office

  • District distribution of first PARCC assessment to schools

  • Period: to

    Schools prepare for PARCC administration

    discuss, copy, plan
  • Principals' Meeting

    Attendance District conversations: Share out and tweak individual school plans. Identify set of common supports that are needed for each Attendance District.
    Review subsequent October PARCC Assessment administration information
    Math will be the focus of the PD
  • Period: to

    Schools administer PARCC

    Assessment Window
  • Period: to

    Scoring PARCC

    Use 3 level rubric
  • Principals' Meeting

    Sit in grade level configurations. Debrief October district PARCC assessment. Look at student work. Use Data Wise protocols.
    What information do we want principals to bring - sample of a w,2,3 at each or two grade levels? Summary data for schools' overall performance?
  • Deep Dig into practice PARCC

    Bring student work to Data Wise day
  • Period: to

    Data Wise

    Dig into practice PARCC
  • Principals' Meeting

  • Principals' Meeting