evolution of pop music

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  • 2,019 BCE


    During the 1950's rock and roll dominated the first half of the decade, with previous influences from the 1940's. Major music labels mirrored the popularity of certain genres increasing the access to them and allowing them to become more popular.
  • 2,019 BCE


    The technology used by the pop music industry developed beyond recognition during this decade. As pop music developed the television industry embraced the well- known artists of the time and gave them the audience a connection with them. From the 60s British artists became front runners in the popular music industry.
    Artists such as The Beatles included the key characteristics of pop during the 1960's.
  • 2,019 BCE


    Soft Rock became a very popular genre, as well as big ballads from artists such as Elton John. Euro pop began to become more popular during this decade. Most importantly this decade saw the rise of disco music, which became one of the biggest genres of the decade. The Bee Gees were the leaders of the disco era with Saturday night fever
  • 2,019 BCE


    Artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson were by far the most famous singers of this time. Michael Jackson’s thriller was the most widely sold track of the 80's, selling 110 million copies. Both of their music was based around dance.