Evolution of Music - The most famous musical genres of each decade.

  • Jazz and Swing

    Jazz and Swing
    The musical genres jazz and swing were the most popular of the 1940s. Singers such as Andrew Sisters, Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole were the favorites.
  • Rock N Roll

    Rock N Roll
    Rock n roll turned the world on its head in the 1950s. Everyone at that time was dancing to the songs of the king, Elvis Presley.
  • Rock and Soul

    Rock and Soul
    The Beatles and The Rolling Stones drove people crazy with their rock music, also the soul music genre from singers like Aretha Franklin.
  • Disco and Rock

    Disco and Rock
    The decade of mirror balls. Artists like Blondie and Abba were very famous. The rock band Queen also emerged.
  • Pop and Techno

    Pop and Techno
    Pop was the favorite rhythm of the 80s along with techno. Artists like Michael Jackson and Madonna were named the king and queen of pop.
  • Hip-hop, Rap, and Pop

    Hip-hop, Rap, and Pop
    Pop continued to reign in the 90s; however, hip-hop and rap music also emerged. Artists like 2pac and Snoop Dog were highly recognized.
  • Pop and Reggaetón

    Pop and Reggaetón
    Pop became too famous. Artists like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga were the favorites. Also, reggaetón became more recognized. Singers like Shakira and Don Omar were the main representatives.
  • R&B and Pop

    R&B and Pop
    The most famous music genres, represented by artists like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and more.