Evolution of MP3

  • The Elger Lab

    The Elger Lab
    The elger labs was the first portable music player. This bulky, box-like MP3 came out in 1998, for $250, with only 32MB of storage.
  • MC-P10

    A sleek MP3 that allowed players to listen to music (but only ATRAC3 files). The price for it was $300.
  • The First iPod

    The First iPod
    This was Apple's fist iPod, a bulky, white MP3 with black and white display. It had a 5GB hard drive, and came with iTunes. It sold for $400.
  • Archos Jukebox Multimedia

    Archos Jukebox Multimedia
    The Jukebox Mutimedia was the first device to display both images and video. It was also an MP3, making it revlutionary in the world of technology. With the capacity of 10GB and 20GB, it was priced at $400.
  • Sony's NW-MS70D

    Sony's NW-MS70D
    This MP3 was the smallest one, yet. Good for running, with a long battery life. It came with 256MB, for $300.
  • iRiver H300

    iRiver H300
    Had a color screen, as well as the ability to play music, videos and view images. Came in 20GB and 40GB versions. Not to mention, it could tune in to FM radio. All for only $250.
  • iPod Shuffle

    iPod Shuffle
    This small MP3 had no display whatsoever. No screen, nothing. Just pure music, and for an affordable price. For only $149, you could get 1GB worth of music ($99 for 512MB).
  • First-Generation Zune

    First-Generation Zune
    With a color cover, and color display, the Zune was the closest thing to an iPod. It offered 30GB of storage, with video display, music, FM radio and images. The Zune also offered a music download website for $15 a month. The zune itself costed only $200.
  • Apple iPod Touch First Generation

    Apple iPod Touch First Generation
    The first touch screen music player on the market, costing a little over $400. It had 16GB of storage, with everything else included. Not to metion with a light weight, thin appearance.
  • SanDisk Sansa Fuze

    SanDisk Sansa Fuze
    Back to the traditional mp3, except with a slightly larger display screen, for better view of videos and images. The best part? You could recieve from 2 to 8GB's of storage. And all for $75.
  • Other Generation iPod Touches

    Other Generation iPod Touches
    From 2009 to present day, Apple has continued to create iPod touches, each one better than the last one. They are well known for their music players.
  • iPhones and Androids

    iPhones and Androids
    Nowadays, Music players can be found in your eveyday phone. Popular phones like the Samsung Galaxy s6 and iPhone 6, have mp3 as just another feature, along with phone. Mp3's have evolved from the 90's. They are now more common.