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Evolution of Soccer

  • The Father of Soccer

    The Father of Soccer
    In 1863, Charles Werford-Brown invented the game of soccer and wanted to quickly organize everything the kick start the game soccer.
  • The First Soccer Ball

    The First Soccer Ball
    The first soccer ball was created by Charles Goodyear. It was almost the same as a rugby ball. It was made out of rubber bladders or leather.
  • Period: to

    Evolution of the Football

    New versions of the soccer ball were introduced throughout the years. The ball improved physically with new ideas and colors every year or two. Also, every World Cup has its own ball design to recognize the year it was played. New designs of soccer balls come out almost every week now.
  • The Making of the Rules

    The Making of the Rules
    The Football Association and the rules of soccer were made when eleven London schools and soccer clubs came together to discuss the rules of soccer and the way it should be played.
  • The First Match

    The First Match
    The first soccer match was played at the end 1863. The soccer match was played between the Barnes Football Club and Richmond Football Club in Mortlake, London. The match ended on a 0-0 draw.
  • Rule Changes

    Rule Changes
    The Football Association came together for a second time to exclude any handling of the ball at anytime other than when it was a throw-in.
  • The First International Match

    The First International Match
    The first official international soccer match to ever be played was between Scotland and England in Glasgow, Scotland. This match also ended in a 0-0 draw.
  • Referees

    When soccer was young, the players were their own referees. They fought and argued in-game to make decisions. Thankfully, the Football Association introduced referees, which are the controllers of the game. They make all the decisions, whether it is to give a team a penalty or free kick, whether to eject a player from the match because of their behavior, and many other things that occur during the match.
  • First International Match Outside of Great Britain

    First International Match Outside of Great Britain
    The first ever international match was played between England and Scotland, that was not played outside of Great Britain. However the the first match played outside of Great Britain was between Canada and the United States in Newark. Canada won the match 1-0.
  • Offside Rule

    Offside Rule
    Offside in soccer is when the attacking team passes the ball to a teammate that is behind the opponents defenders, which is not illegal in the game of soccer. In 1886, the Football Association discovered that it was an advantage for the attacking team, so, they issued the "offside" rule.
  • Introduction of the Penalty Kick

    Introduction of the Penalty Kick
    In the early years of soccer, there was not such thing as a penalty kick. If a player was fouled, players would either pause then continue playing, or they would literally carry on while the injured or fouled player was on the ground. So, ever since boxes were introduced into the game, penalties were considered. A team earns a penalty kick if a player is fouled inside the box of the opposing goal.
  • Period: to

    Expansion of Soccer

    Soccer started out as a mini-sport in England, however since England and Scotland played their first game, countries realized that soccer was becoming something big in Great Britain. As a result, from 1889 to 1907, 12 countries formed soccer teams and joined the football world, including Argentina, Germany, and Italy.
  • First Stadium

    First Stadium
    The first soccer stadium to be built was named Goodison Park. It was located in England and cost about £8,090. I was officially open on August 24th, 1892. The capacity of the stadium was about 7,000 spectators, 4,000 on the bottom level, 3,000 on the top level.
  • Olympic Soccer

    Olympic Soccer
    Soccer was played in its own league before 1900. However, after meetings with various organizations and associations, soccer became an Olympic sport and was a competition between every country that had a soccer team at the time.
  • The 1st World Cup

    The 1st World Cup
    The first ever World Cup was held in Montevideo, Uruguay with only 13 national teams. The Uruguay national team won that tournament when they defeated Argentina 4-2 to claim the first ever World Cup trophy. The World Cup is held every four years.
  • Stadiums Now

    Stadiums Now
    Stadiums nowadays can hold up to 114,000. Some stadiums have a second, third, and sometimes a fourth level. The biggest stadium in the world is Rungrado May Stadium. It is located in Pyongyang, North Korea. I hold a maximum of 114,000 spectators. I was opened on May 1st, 1989.
  • Women's World Cup

    Women's World Cup
    The first women's World Cup took place in China in 1991. The United States national women's team won the tournament as they defeated Norway 2-1.
  • Women Olympic Soccer

    Women Olympic Soccer
    Women soccer was introduced to the Olympics in 1996.