Ever's US/VA Timeline

Timeline created by bonilleg18@patrioths.com
  • jamestown

    permanent english settlemt
  • slavery

    they was working hard in that time
  • mayflawer

    they was emigrated from england
  • indian war

    indian war
    britain vs france
  • boston tea party

    boston tea party
    colonist protested the tea
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    a tax on paper charged by the king of england on the colonist
  • chinise

    cut of chinise migration
  • boston masacre

    boston masacre
    protesting colonist
  • lexintomg concord

    lexintomg concord
    the first batlle of america revolution
  • traty of aliencen

    traty of aliencen
    benjaminm franklin got france help the colonist
  • common sense

    common sense
  • eproclamation

    speach slave
  • comon sense

    comon sense
    a pamphlent written by thomas paine
  • declaration of idependece

    declaration of idependece
    thomas jefferson written
  • panama canal

    panama canal
    to make travel easier betwen the pacific and atlantic oceans
  • articles of confederation

    articles of confederation
    first plan for u,s. goverment
  • great compromise

    great compromise
    slaves would count as 3/5 of person when determing represention in congrees
  • bills of rights

    bills of rights
    a list of the rights of citezents that was added to the contrustion
  • cuttton gin

    cuttton gin
    increased the need for slave labor
  • thomas jefferson

    thomas jefferson
    third president ended the war
  • lousiana purchas

    lousiana purchas
    thomas jefferson purchased a large amount of land
  • morbory v madison

    morbory v madison
    gave the suprem court implied powers
  • war of 1812

    war of 1812
    us vs britain
  • missorui

    slavery allow
  • monroe doctrine

    monroe doctrine
    The Monroe Doctrine was a U.S. foreign policy regarding European countries in 1823.
  • homestead strike

    homestead strike
    labor union protest and fought
  • texas

    mexico vs us
  • uncle tomas

    uncle tomas
    a abolionist book
  • kansas act

    kansas act
    compromise act kansas nebraska
  • dreat scot case

    dreat scot case
    was a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in which the Court held that African Americans, whether enslaved or free
  • abrahman lincold elected

    abrahman lincold elected
    was elected how president
  • battle of the sumter

    battle of the sumter
    On April 12, 1861, General P.G.T. Beauregard, in command of the Confederate forces around Charleston Harbor, o
  • homostead at

    homostead at
    The first of the acts, the Homestead Act of 1862, was signed into law by President
  • atteman

    The endless list of political prisoners and Mumia Abu-Jamal readily come to mind as attestment to this fact. Black America Und
  • emanacipation proclamation

    emanacipation proclamation
    abraham lincolns speach that freed the slaves
  • getysburg

    turning point of the civil war
  • getty addres

    getty addres
    described the civil war
  • reconstruction

    Reconstruction generally refers to the period in United States history immediately following the Civil War
  • 13 admendmen

    13 admendmen
    ended salvery
  • 14 admanmen

    14 admanmen
    state that citezents all citezents were entitled to equal rights
  • 15th admanmend

    15th admanmend
    all man can vote
  • compromise

    an agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concession
  • sherman anti trusrt

    sherman anti trusrt
    made manapolies ilegal
  • plessy v ferguson

    plessy v ferguson
    made separal but equal
  • open door poliy

    open door poliy
    secretary of state john hay gives all nations equal trading rigths with china
  • emigration restriction act

    emigration restriction act
    cut off emigration to the us in 19921
  • 17th adnmennen

    17th adnmennen
    The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state
  • europea

    germany and astruia hungry
  • great migration

    great migration
    peple come to us
  • us enter ww1

    us enter ww1
    becuase germany unrestticted submarine warfare
  • 14 points

    14 points
    president wilson plan to elimate the cause of war folling ww1
  • prohibition

    alcohol was ilegal
  • traty of versalies

    traty of versalies
    oficially ended war ww1
  • leage of nation

    leage of nation
  • 19 adtmanmend

    19 adtmanmend
    gave women rigths to vote
  • scopes trial

    scopes trial
    a teacher was put on trial
  • black tuesday

    black tuesday
    stock market crashed
  • new deal

    new deal
    plan to fix problem
  • fdic

    protected people money bank
  • holocaust

    hittller killed people
  • dust bowl

    dust bowl
    a time of no rain in the west that destroyed farms
  • pear harbol

    pear harbol
    japan attacked this hawaiian U.S naval base which brought the U.S into wwll
  • nuremberg tria

    nuremberg tria
    held to punish the nazis for war crimes
  • atomic bom

    atomic bom
    us atacked japon
  • truma docrine

    truma docrine
    policy os contaiment to stop the spread of the communism
  • nato

    the north atlantic treaty organization an alliance betweem democratic countries
  • corean

    first cold war
  • roserburg

    acucused of being communist spies
  • education segregation

    education segregation
    public schools ilegal
  • vietman

    the second cold war
  • bay of pigs

    bay of pigs
    america helped cuban
  • cuban misile crises

    cuban misile crises
    the soviet union place nuclear weapons in cuban
  • nixon resigned

    nixon resigned
    because of the watergte scandal
  • patriot act

    patriot act
    heightened sucurty after 9 11
  • 9/11

    new york and washintong
  • app courthous

    app courthous
    the sitevof the end of the civil war
  • progrsive movement

    progrsive movement
    change societal enequality goverment intervetin