Events of the Red River Rebellion

  • Hudson's Bay Company Withdraws

    Hudson's Bay Company Withdraws
    The HBC withdraws its rule of Rupert's Land (in the month of January, date is unknown). For almost a year, There would be no rule over Rupert's Land when Canada will take over in December.
  • Period: to

    Canadian Surveyors Come

    Canadian surveyors are plotting square plots of land by the Red River Settlement, which will be used by the Canadian government to divide land amongst new Western settlers.
  • Riel's Forces Interrupt Surveyors

    Riel's Forces Interrupt Surveyors
    Riel himself sets foot on one of the plot lines, interrupting the surveyors' work. The surveyors are forced to return to Pembina.
  • National Committee of the Metis is formed

    National Committee of the Metis is formed
    Over the period of a few days, the National Committee is formed, with Louis Riel appointed as secretary and John Bruce as president. The comittee's goal was to minimize Canadian actions effecting Red River Settlement and area without their opinions.
  • Metis Turn Back McDougall's Party

    Metis Turn Back McDougall's Party
    McDougall tries to establish authority at Fort Garry, but is turned back by Metis forces near the US border. McDougall has no choice but to turn back to the nearest U.S. frontier town
  • Capture of Fort Garry

    Capture of Fort Garry
    400 Metis seized Fort Garry with no bloodshed.
  • Riel Proposes Provisional Governement

    Riel Proposes Provisional Governement
    Riel proposes the prospect of a provisional government for voices to be heard in Ottawa.
  • Amnesty Granted to Peaceful Metis

    Amnesty Granted to Peaceful Metis
    Amnesty is granted to those Metis who will lay down their arms.
  • Provisional Government Declared

    Provisional Government Declared
    Official provisional governement declared by Metis.
  • Metis Bill of Rights

    Metis Bill of Rights
    Near mid-December, the Metis propose a list of 14 rights they want to have when Rupert's Land is transeferred to Canada. The official Metis Bill of Rights today has 15.
  • Riel Named President

    Riel Named President
    Riel is named president of the National Committee when John Bruce resigns.
  • Prisoners Escape from Fort Garry

    Prisoners Escape from Fort Garry
    Twelve prisoners, including Thomas Scott and Charles Mair, escape prison in Fort Garry. Many others escape afterwards, and eventually the rest are all pardonned and released.
  • Thomas Scott and 47 Other Escaped Prisoners Recaptured

    Thomas Scott and 47 Other Escaped Prisoners Recaptured
    These men were detected by Riel's men trying to interfere with provisional government and eventually overthrow it.
  • Thomas Scott Executed

    Thomas Scott Executed
    One of the most provocative, taunting and threatening prisoners at the time, Thomas Scott was put on trial for treason and other law-breaking principles, and was sentenced to death by firing squad. Riel wanted Canada to pay attention to the Metis' wishes, and Scott's execution was the catalyst in their lost amnesty.
  • Manitoba Act Passes

    Manitoba Act Passes
    Riel's provisional government comes to agreement with Ottawa and today Manitoba officially enters confederation as a province, against the wishes of the Canadian government that it enters as a territory. As a province, Manitoba has more rights and power.
  • Wolseley Approaches, Riel Flees

    Wolseley Approaches, Riel Flees
    Wolseley's expedition, commissioned by John A. Macdonald, approaches Fort Garry. As they confront the fort, Riel and other Metis flee to the United States. This is named as the end of the Red River Rebellion.