Ussr 1

Events Leading Up to the USSR

  • USSR Founded

  • First 5 Year Plan

  • Germany Invades USSR

  • Stalin Dies

    Stalin suffered a major stroke
  • Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev

    Gorbachev becomes leader
  • Enter Yeltsin

    Gorbachev appoints a little-known provincial party boss as head of the Moscow Communist Party and his name is Boris Yeltsin
  • Soviet Oil Production Falls

    Oil prices fall over half than the average price
  • Soviet Troops Withdraw From Afghanistan

    15,000 dead and missing, over 400,000 were diagnosed by a disease or serious illness
  • Berlin Wall Falls

  • East German Communist Party Loses Its Hold In Congressional Elections

  • Soviet Union Passes A Law

    They passed a law saying that the Republics can break away