Europen Colazation Of Australia

  • Captain James Cook ailed around Austraila

  • British ships establish a prison colony.

    British ships called the "First Fleet' left England with conuits to establish a prison colony.
  • British prisoners settled in Australia

  • remmants of the tribe

    remmants of the tribes in the settled areas were moved onto Reserves
  • New South Wales was officially a penal

    New South Wales was officially a penal(prison) colony consisting mainly of convicts,marines,and the marines' families 1788 to 1832
  • Government created boundaries

    Goverment officals created boundaries for the colonies that are still in place today
  • British transported prisoners to Austraila

  • Port Arthur,Tasmania

    Port Arthur,Tasmania it was the destination for the hardest of convicted British and Irish criminals 1883 to 1850s
  • Immgration Restricted Act

  • Federal government

    Federal Government began to pass legislation to help the Aborigines.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act all legal tes with the Birtish Empire were served
  • Independent Republic

    55% of voters rejected the idea of becomming an independent republic