European Union

  • speench by Robert schumann

    speench by  Robert schumann
    When the 2 war ended they decided to create a organization to make the European Union stronger.The ideas were presented by Robert schumann, French Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • (ECSC)

    Six European countries: Belgium, France, Italy, West Germany, Luxenbourg and the Netherlands. Created by European Coal and Steel Comunity (ECSC)
  • Teaties of Rome were singned 1957 and 1958

    Teaties of Rome were singned 1957 and 1958
    established the European Economic Comunity (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Comunity (EAEC)
  • EEC was enlarged to ten members.

    EEC was enlarged to ten members.
    The EU has grown six member countries to twenty-eight.
  • EEC was enlarged to twelve Members and Single. European act was signed

  • Maactricht Treathy came into ford.

    The EEC became the European Union. The Mastricht Treaty led to: -in a political level, all citizens of the EU they are European citizenship.
  • EU enlarged

    EU enlarged 15 members
  • European bank

    The European central bank was founded
  • Adoption of tetreaty

    The adoption of the treaty of Nice, which came into force in 2003
  • Euro

    The euro come into circulstion.
  • EU-members

    The EU enlarged to twenty-five kekbers
  • EU-more members

    EU-more members
    Eu enlarged to twenty-seven members (2 more members)
  • Treaty of lisbon

    Treaty of lisbon
    The Treaty of lisbon carne into force to reform the institutions of the Eu. Some of the reforms were.
  • EU-more members

    EU-more members
    The EU was enlarged to twenty-eight members (one more member)