European fact timeline

By sethf1
  • Jan 19, 1096

    Start of First Crusade (Jerusalem taken 1099)\

    The first crusade marks a major turning point in the history of Europe, marking it the first major war that launched from western Europe since the decline of the Roman Empire.
  • Jan 17, 1271

    Marco Polo travels to China

    Marco Polo’s family were traders.
  • Jan 12, 1272

    1272 Thomas Aquinass Summa Theologica published

    Saint Thomas Aquinas is called the Angelic Doctor or the Prince of Scholastics
  • Jan 7, 1503

    Deviance's Mona Lisa painted

    The Mona Lisa is over 500 years old.
  • Jan 21, 1508

    Michelangelo begins painting Sistine Chapel ceiling

    It took four years to paint the Sistine chapel.
  • Jan 20, 1563

    General outbreak of the Black Plague in Europe

    Black Plague killed an estimated 25–60% of Europeans.
  • Louisiana Territory purchased by U.S. from France

    The United States paid approximately $15 million dollars for over 800,000 square miles of land.
  • 1850 Public libraries established in Britain

    The British Library is, as national libraries
  • Thomas Edison invents phonograph

    The invention of the Photograph was the name Edison named it and it took an cylinders rather than disc.
  • 1920 League of Nations established; 19th Amendment establishes womens suffrage in the U.S.

    League of Nations came after the end of World War