Ethiopian Red Terror Timeline

By dnature
  • Emperor Deposited

    The last Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie was deposited
  • EPRP assasination Plot

    EPRP militants were arrested and executed, at the same time as the EPRP carried out an assassination campaign against ideologues and supporters of the Derg where an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Mengistu occurred.
  • Derg Officers killed

    Standing Committee of the Derg on, at which fifty-eight top Derg officers were killed in an hour-long shootout
  • Hight of Genocide

    The height of the Red Terror in Addis Ababa
  • Arrested Susupects

    At the Berhanena Selam Printing Press, where three days later a dozen workers were arrested for being EPRP members, then afterwards released for lack of evidence
  • Death of Suspects

    The morning after nine of them were found murdered, including a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, which shocked the city.
  • Death of Assasin

    The deaths were found to be the responsibility of a certain Girma Kebede. Embarrassed, the Derg were embarrassed and had him and five associates executed as counterrevolutionaries
  • Murder of Children

    The Derg Disavowed to the action of the mass murder of at least 1000 of youths 11-12 years old and blamed it on the Bureaus during a proclamation
  • Bureaus Flee

    The Bureaus leader Haile fid attempted to flee the country along with his followers, but almost all of them were caught.
  • Terrors Next Victim

    The Red Terror next made MEISON its next target. The members attempted to flee but most were caught or killed
  • WPE

    establishment of the Workers’ Party of Ethiopia
  • Constitution

    drafting of a constitution for Ethiopia (endorsed in 1987)
  • New Legislature

    he election by a new national legislature started by Mengistu sitting him as as president
  • EPRDF save Ethiopia

    The EPRDF entered Addis Ababa and took it fully from the Derg. All Genocide prisoners were set free and cared for until new government was established.
  • Mengistu Flees

    Mengistu resigned his post and fled to Zimbabwe after financial Support was cut of by the Soviet Union weakening his cause.