Energy Timeline

  • Static Electricity

    Static Electricity
    Otto von Guericke invented a crude machine for producing static electricity, but Thales Mitus first discovered what is now static electricity.
  • William Gilbert

    William Gilbert
    WIlliam Gilbert showed the clear, distinct difference between magnetic poles and forced to electrical poles and forces.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Frankiln turned to the study of electricity
  • First Battery

    First Battery
    The complete battery was invented in 1835 by William Sturgeon, by mixing some mercury into the zinc.
  • Alezander Graham Bell

    Alezander Graham Bell
    He first invented the telegraph in 1876 at the age of 29
  • First Lightbulb

    First Lightbulb
    The first Light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison, after many many tries,
  • first Computer

    first Computer
    The first electronic computer was finished in 1942. The computer was by John Atanasoff & Clifford Berry for an ABC Computer
  • First TV

    First TV
    The first computer was invented by Phillpo Oliver
  • Apple's FIRST computer

    Apple's FIRST computer
    the first APPLE computer was introduced in April 1976 & was a total of $666.66

    The first cell phone weighted 2 pounds and was $3,995!