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Energy Timeline

  • Jan 1, 600

    Static Electricity

    Static Electricity
    Around 600 BC, Thales (a greek mathmetician, and philosopher) finds out that when you rub silk and amber together, there is static electricity. Some say Thales was the first person ever to study electricity.
  • First Vacuum Pump Created

    First Vacuum Pump Created
    Otto von Guericke (a German scientist, inventor and politician) creates the first vacuum pump. A vacuum pump is a device that takes away gas molecules from an empty space and leaves behind a partial vacuum.
  • Benjamin Franklin and Lightning

    Benjamin Franklin and Lightning
    In 1752, Benjamin Franklin (an American scientist and politician) dicovered that lightning and static electricity are the same thing.
  • Alessandro Volta's Batteries

    Alessandro Volta's Batteries
    Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist known for creating the first wet cell battery. A volt is a measurement used to measure amounts of electricity. The word "volt" was named after Alessandro Volta.
  • First Electric Motor

    First Electric Motor
    Thomas Davenport (an American inventor and blacksmith) invented the first electric motor. Nowadays it is used in many different machines.
  • First Telegraph

    First Telegraph
    In 1837, Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail together invented the first telegraph. A telegraph is a bit like a telephone. Each wire represents a letter in the alphabet and together they can make different sentences. Samuel Morse was also famous for inventing the infamous Morse Code.
  • Computers

    In 1849, Charles Babbage who was an English: inventor, mathematician, philosopher and mechanical engineer "invented" what we call the computer.
  • Georges Leclanché

    Georges Leclanché
    In 1866, Georges Leclanché, a French engineer, invented the Leclanché Cell, the forerunner of the modern dry cell battery.
  • First Long Lasting Lightbulb Invented

    First Long Lasting Lightbulb Invented
    Thomas Edison (an American ) invented the incandescent light bulb. At first, it could be used for only 40 hours before burning out but by 1880, his lightbulb could be used for 1,200 hours.
  • Niagra Falls Power Station

    Niagra Falls Power Station
    In 1895, the first hydro-elctricity power station opened in Niagra Falls. The first year, the energy was only used by locals but a year later, many people were using the hydro-electricity.
  • The Electron

    The Electron
    In 1897, Joseph John Thompson, a British Physicist, discovered the Electron.
  • The Vacuum Cleaner

    The Vacuum Cleaner
    In 1907, James Spangler discovered that a carpet sweeper he was using was what making him cough. He made a device that could suck in dirt and garbage and he invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner.
  • Air Conditioning

    Air Conditioning
    In 1911, Willis Haviland Carrier who was an American engineer and inventor invented the thing we call Air Conditioning,
  • Artificial Cardiac Pacemaker

    Artificial Cardiac Pacemaker
    In 1950, John Hopps who was a Canadian engineer invented the first artificial cardiac pacemaker. The first person to have an artificial cardiac pacemaker was Ame Larson in 1958.
  • Nuclear Power

    In 1954, the worlds first nuclear plant officially opens in Russia.
  • Automated Teller Machines

    Luther George Simjian had the idea of the ATM but in 1977, James Goodfellow actually made the ATM as we see it today.
  • Blue-tooth

    In 1998, several companies like Ericsson and Nokia worked together to develop Bluetooth. Bluetooth is what allows wireless communication between phones, computers and laptops. Its what lets you play games on your "Wii"!
  • The IPod

    The iPod, a portable media player, was launched by the Apple Corporation in 2001.