• Nov 16, 1250


    (From mid 1200's to mid 1300's) This time was called "Mongol peace" because trade, mission trips, and travelers were allowed to cross Eurasia peacefully. During this time, inventions such as gunpowder spread to Europe. Even though this was a great time for the Mongols, The "black death" was spread throughout during this time.
  • May 3, 1428


    Texcoco, Tlacopan, and Tenochtitlan band together to
    form a triple alliance. This strength in numbers helped
    keep the empire stable and in control. The land was split
    up into 38 provinces and local officials ruled over the
    government even though they had to pay tribute as well.
  • British

    By this time, everyone in European power wanted to have a piece of land in Africa. The main importance of Africa was the diamonds and gold found there. These riches were much to hard for anyone to resist trying to set up colonies on the land.
  • Romans

    (390 to 265 B.C) Within this time, Rome had both a great
    gain of land but also a big loss. Po River Valley attacked
    Rome and partially destroyed it. To show it had not lost control, Rome conquered all of Italy except Po River Valley.