Eminem’s life

Timeline created by Jonathan Aguilar Flores
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  • The day he has born

    The day he has born
    Eminem or Marshall Bruce Mathers lll was born in the city of kansas, located in the united states of North America
  • Start of Eminem's musical career

    Start of Eminem's musical career
    Eminem began his musical career in 1988
  • Alaina Mathers

    Alaina Mathers
    His first daughter was born. Her mother is Anne Scott.
  • Another daughter

    Another daughter
    In 1995 they had the girl Hailie Jade Scott Mathers
  • His first album

    His first album
    He released his first album. it's called infinite
  • The Slim Shady LP

    The Slim Shady LP
    He released The Slim Shady LP. Album with which he rose to fame
  • He joined in marriage

    He joined in marriage
    He married Kimberley Anne Scott in June 1999. Eminem filed for divorce in August 2000. They reconciled at the end of the same year. Kimberley filed for divorce in March 2001
  • Oscar

    He won an Oscar for his song Lose Yourself. In the category of best original song. In my opinion one of the best.
  • One more daughter

    One more daughter
    Whitney Scott Mathers was born
  • 8 Mile

    8 Mile
    8 Mile was released. Movie starring Eminem.
  • Is he dead?

    Is he dead?
    Many theories point to Eminem being dead. Due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Or because of a plan made by the Illuminati for not wanting to work with them.
  • Rap God. Is he a robot?

    Rap God. Is he a robot?
    Rap God is released. And the theory that the he had passed away and supplanted by a robot had taken more force. Because of Eminem's physical change. And for the themes of his songs and videos.