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  • The Birth of Marshall Bruce Mathers II

    The Birth of Marshall Bruce Mathers II
    Marshall Bruce Mathers II Born in the USA on October 17, 1972.
    He is a child with great illusions and few resources.
  • Eminem's father

    Eminem's father
    Marshall's father Bruce Mathers II abandoned his family.
    Marshall's mother raises him alone.
  • His Sister

    His Sister
    Her half sister Samara was born.
    Marshall watches over her while her mother takes drugs.
  • His beginnings in rap and school

    His beginnings in rap and school
    When he turned 14, Eminem began to show an interest in hip-hop and rap and joined the group "Bassmint Productions" under the name of M&M.
    Due to excessive truancy she decided she had had enough and dropped out of high school in 1989.
  • His daughter

    His daughter
    Her daughter Hailie Jade Mathers was born on Christmas Day.
    Eminem takes care of her from that day along with his wife Kim.
  • His first record

    His first record
    He released his first full studio album Infinite, it was released under the label Web Entertainment.
    It is his first and worst eminem album but he keeps getting much better music.
  • Eminem's wedding

    Eminem's wedding
    Marshall Mathers III and Kimberley Anne Scott (Kim) were married in 1999.
    Today they are separated but they are united thanks to their daughter.
  • The Eminem Show

    The Eminem Show
    "The Eminem Show" was released and was the most successful album of his career.
    To date it is the favorite album of many people.
  • The movie

    The movie
    Released "8 mile" is a kind of semi-biography, loosely based on Eminem's life. He won an Academy Award for Best Original Song, "Lose Yourself" by Eminem.
    This is one of the best movies produced by a rapper because it talks about different social issues and about the life of emiem.
  • Eminem in the Actuallity

    Eminem in the Actuallity
    It is released "Music To Be Murdered By" an album that despite being released without notice broke it.
    You can hear everywhere the song "Godzilla" which is positioned as the most played on this album.
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