• Growing up

    Growing up
    Marshal Grew up in Missouri and moved to Detroit Michigan
  • Birth

    Marshall Bruce Mathers III was born in St. Joseph, MIissouri.
    Parents are Marshal Mathers Jr. and Dehbora Mathers
  • Rapping Career

    Rapping Career
    Even though he dropped out of school in the ninth grade after three years of being held back at the age of 17. He studied the dictionary and started to write his music
  • The Law Suit

    The Law Suit
    Because Eminem outed his mother addiction to perscription drugs, and the mental and physical abuse he put him through Deborah filed a law suit against her son for $10 million but was later reduced down to $2500
  • Marshal Mathers LP

    Marshal Mathers LP
    this Album Showed off his poetic Lyrics with these songs.
    " The Real Slim Shady" " Kim" "Stan" "The Way I Am"
    He sold over 19 million copies
  • the devorce

    the devorce
    After being married to Kim Mathers for only a short time they went through a tradgic devorce causeing Marshel to fall in a downward spiral.
  • The Movie Life

    The Movie Life
    He was added into a film that was about his life growing up and becomeing the rapper he is today
  • HIs Next Album

    HIs Next Album
    the Ablum Encore was not as popular as most of his ablums but there were a few songs in the album that went up the charts Such as " Little Toy Sholder" and " Mockingbird"
  • Bost Back To His Work

    Bost Back To His Work
    after his near death of drug over dose he cleaned himself up and started writing music again.
  • MMLP2

    Eminem released his eighth album, MMLP2,
    grammy winning ablum
  • 15th Anniversary

    15th Anniversary
    he celebrated is 15th anniversary of his shady Records label with a special two-CD set called ShadyXV.
    it has the labels that were most popular songs of his time.
    Including his new Hit single " Guts Over Fear"