Elizabeth cady stanton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

  • Birth of Elizabeth Cady

    Birth of Elizabeth Cady
    Elizabeth Cady was born on November 12th, 1815 in Johnstown, New York. Both of parents worked in the law field. Growing up, she had 5 brothers and 5 sisters, but her 5 brothers passed away because of illnesses which left her parents ungrateful for their 5 daughters. (www.history.com)
  • Argentina becomes independent.

    Argentina becomes independent.
    Argentina gains independence from Spain in 1816. Their Declaration of Independence was signed on July 9th, 1816 in the city of Tucumán. Exact Date Unknown. (www.worldatlas.com)
  • Typewriter is invented.

    Typewriter is invented.
    The Typewriter is invented and patented in the USA by William A. Burt. Many ideas of the Typewriter where thought of before, but no one had sold it and been sucessful with it. Exact Date Unknown. (etc.usf.edu)
  • Graduates Emma Willard Female Seminary

    Graduates Emma Willard Female Seminary
    Elizabeth graduated Emma Willard Female Seminary in 1832 in Troy, New York. Emma Hart Willard's school was a succesful among most women students who had loved it. Exact Date Unknown. (www.xtimeline.com)
  • Marries Henry Stanton

    Marries Henry Stanton
    Elizabeth Cady marries Henry Stanton and becomes Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She attends World Anitslavery Convention in London, England as well. Exact Date Unknown. (www.henrybstanton.com)
  • Civil War Begins.

    Civil War Begins.
    The Civil War begins. The Civil War was the conflict between the North and the South of the Untied States because of the social and economic differences. (Union and Confederacy). (www.cosmicamerica.com)
  • Forms Women's Loyal League

    Forms Women's Loyal League
    Elizabeth forms the Women's Loyal League with very close friend and co-worker Susan B. Anthony. They made a petition to emancipate all slaves. Exact Date Unknown. (http://www.lib.rochester.edu)
  • Civil War Ends.

    Civil War Ends.
    The end of the Civil War happened in 1865. It was a win for the Union, or the North of the USA. This changed many things for the United States. (www.myrtlebeachflag.com)
  • Runs for New York seat in Congress

    Runs for New York seat in Congress
    Runs for the New York seat in Congress and co-founds the American Equal Rights Association (AERA). This showed Elizabeth's bravery by running for Congress. Exact Date Unknown. (www.sheilaomalley.com)
  • The Revolution

    The Revolution
    Elizabeth edits and writes the newspaper, "The Revolution" along with the help from fellow Women's Rights activist Susan B. Anthony. It was very influencial but did not sell many copies. Exact Date Unknown. (www.lib.rochester.edu)
  • National Women Sufferage Association formed

    National Women Sufferage Association formed
    The NWSA was formed, and Elizabeth becomes the first president of the association. It became the most mainstream way to show that someone was voting for Woman's Rights. Exact Date Unknown. (http://www.dese.mo.gov)
  • The Telephone is invented.

    The Telephone is invented.
    Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone in Scotland. Exact Date Unknown. (people.hofstra.edu)
  • Coca Cola is invented.

    Coca Cola is invented.
    The soft drink Coca Cola was invented in the USA by John Pemberton. It was made as a patent mediceine, but when clients realized how great it tasted they wanted it as a beverage as well. Exact Date Unknown. (www.lostwackys.com)
  • NWSA officially founded

    NWSA officially founded
    The National Women Sufferage Association is officially founded. Elizabeth became the first ever President of the NWSA. Exact Date Unknown. (ocp.hul.harvard.edu)
  • Woman Bible

    Woman Bible
    Elizabeth publishes the first installment of the "Woman Bible". It was written by her and 26 other women working for Women's Rights. Exact Date Unknown. (halfwaytoamidlifecrisis.wordpress.com)
  • Death of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

    Death of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
    Elizabeth Cady Stanton dies in New York City, New York on October 16th, 1902 at age 86 which was incredible for back then. She died old and happily because of the many accomplishments she made in her life. (womenshistory.about.com)