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  • Creation of the Telharmonium

    Creation of the Telharmonium
    Thaddeus Cahill was a big part of the start of electronic Music. He was highly educated. He graduated with a degree in law but ended up creating inventions. His inventions eventually lead to the creation of the Telharmonium.
  • The Wurlitzer

    The Wurlitzer
    The Wurlitzer became well known as the Theatre Organ. The Wurlitzer was known to be played in most theatres.
  • The Theremin

    The Theremin
    Leon Theremin, a Russian scientist invents the Theremin. A instrument you don't have to actually touch to play. It was incredibly complicated to play.
  • Ondes Martenot

    Ondes Martenot
    The Ondes Martenot was an instrument that is very close to the theremin but allowed one more control over the timbre. It was invented by a Frenchman, Maurice Martenot.
  • The Hammond Organ

    The Hammond Organ
    The Hammond Organ was developed using a process close to the Theremins creation process. It was smaller which made it a lot more convenient. It was created by Laurens Hammond.
  • Turntablism

    Turntablism is the art of changing and editing music.
  • Electric Guitar

    Electric Guitar
    Les Paul invented the solid body electric guitar. This invention was driven by someone telling Les his guitar was not loud enough. This made him want to create something that would amplify the sound on his guitar.
  • Musique Concrete Develops

    After WWII two Frenchman created a new genre of music called Musique Concrete. This was created by using natural and industrial sounds.
  • First Electronic Music for Magnetic Tape

    First Electronic Music for Magnetic Tape
    Louis and Bebe Barron created first electronic music for magnetic tape. They had a great impact of the start of electronic music. Their song was called Heavenly Menagerie.
  • Non-traditional Notation Created

    Non-traditional Notation Created
    The new genre of music that was created did not go with the traditional way of writing music. The new genre of music needed to be able to be written with flexibility. The creation of non-traditional notation allowed that.
  • First Song Composed by a Computer

    Llliac Suite for String Quartet was a song composed strictly by a computer. Lejaren Hiller and Leonard Issacson helped pioneer this achievement.
  • RCA Mark II

    RCA Mark II
    The first electronic music that can be programmed will be created by the RCA Mark II. It was designed by Herbert Belar and Harry Olson. It weighed three tons and was twenty feet wide.
  • Moog Sythesizer

    Moog Sythesizer
    The Moog synthesizer was the first commercially available synthesizer. It was much smaller and way easier to use.
  • MIDI

    A group of manufacturing companies got together and created MIDI or musical instrument digital interface. This now gave electronic instruments the ability to communicate with one another.
  • Laptop Orchestra

    Laptop Orchestra
    The first laptop orchestra was found at Princeton University. It was created Perry Cook and Dan Trueman.
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    Electronic Music Events

    The main events and historic parts of the rise of electronic music.