Electoral Process

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  • Campaigning and Fundraising

    Campaigning and Fundraising
    This is an organized event where people use media and make speeches to promote their political parties for elections. To help pay for this, people must fundraise.
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    Electoral Process

  • Caucuses and Primaries

    Caucuses and Primaries
    The purpose of both the Caucuses and Primaries are to narrow down the amount of candidates availiable to vote for on the ballot. Caucuses require voters to show up at polling locations and listen to speeches. Primaries only make their participants use a ballot, similar to an election
  • Primary-Open

    It's a primary that doesn't make voters be associated with politicial parties to vote for partisan candidates
  • Primary-Closed

    Only members of of a certain political party can vote. This means independents cannot vote.
  • Primary-Semi-Closed

    Registered voters are the only ones allowed to vote in a particular party's primary, but this primary allows independents to vote
  • Primary-Semi-Open

    Voters don't need to announce to the public which party they are voting for, but are required to request one of the parties ballots
  • Primary-Blanket

    This is when a primary is used in a partisan election, and no candidates recieve a majority of the votes, it goes on to a general election
  • Primary-Run Off

    Primary-Run Off
    Primary where, regardless of political party, the two candidates with the most votes moves on
  • Political Party Conventions

    Political Party Conventions
    An official meeting of each of the parties, to formally select one candidate to run for office
  • Election Day

    Election Day
    The day where voters go to polls to vote for the electoral college. The citizens are the ones voting.
  • Vote Of the Electoral College

    Vote Of the Electoral College
    This is when the electoral college votes for which candidate they want to win the election. They're supposed to vote for the candidate that the state they represent wants