• Feb 6, 1200


    I don't know when mummification was invented, but I choose
    1200 B.C.E. I know one thing about mummification, mummification takes 70 days to do the whole process. I know some of the steps but not all pf them, wash the body in water, you have to wrapp the body, and that you have to put a face mask on the mummy. There are more than one steps but I can't remember them.
  • Feb 5, 1300

    Reduce Power of Priests.

    Reduce Power of Priests.
    A Pharaoh named Amhotep IV tried to reduce power of priests. He tried to do this in Egyptian government by changing worship of many gods into making them worship one god. The one god's name was Aton.
  • Jan 10, 1343

    King Tut.

    King Tut.
    King Tut died around January 1343. It didn't tell the day though so I came up with one. Some scientist thought that King Tut died becausre he was murdered by an offical. They thought this because King Tut's skull was baashed open, so they said someone only important could get that close to kill him.
  • Feb 5, 1360

    Death of Amhotep IV.

    Death of Amhotep IV.
    It did not give me the month and the day so I just chose one, it did give me the year though. The year 1360 B.C. was the year that a Pharaoh named Amhotep IV. When he died he had a 9 year old son named Tutenkamon.
  • Apr 8, 1550

    Afford Mummification.

    Afford Mummification.
    Yet again I had to come up with the month and they day, but not the year. The year 1550 was when people could afford the process of mummification. After that mummification became a very popular source to use.
  • King Tut's tomb was found.

    King Tut's tomb was found.
    November 26, 1922 King Tut's tomb was found on this day. Mr. Carter went to Egypt in 1891 to go and finds more tombs in Egypt, but most of the tombs was already found, but 18 was still unfound. Mr. Carter looked very hard for King Tut's tomb, until finally he found steps leading to the burial room hidden in derbis near the entrance of the tomb of King Ramses VI.
  • Preforming Mummification.

    Preforming Mummification.
    Scientist at The University of Marylan preformed a ptocess called mummification. Mummification has not happened for over 2,000 yeras ago about it.They named their mummy Mumab, he was their testing mummmy. Mumab was a real persons body, but the person had to die from natural causes.
  • Hatshepsut

    It doesn't give a day so I came up with one, but it did give me a time and a year so I put that. Hatshepsut was found in June of 2007. She was discovered by the discovery channel. They study to find her for a very long time.
  • Artifcial Mummy

    Artifcial Mummy
    The artifcial mummy was created about in 3000s of B.C. I do not know the momth or the date of when it happened, so I just put a date and a month. Artifcial meant that something was made by a human, soething was ,ade with your hands. So the mummy was made by aperson from their own hands instead of a machine.
  • Oldest Mummy.

    Oldest Mummy.
    The oldest Egyptain mummy was dated about this time, 3500 B.C. It did not tell me the month or date so I just put the year. This means that the very first or this is the only one closes to the first that they found as a mummy. I doesn't even have to be closes to first, they are trying to say that this mummy is the oldest one they have found so far. This picture beside may or may not be the oldest mummt, I do not know yet.