Educational Technology

  • First Computer used for instructions

    First Computer used for instructions
    Computer-driven flights simulator trains MIT piolts
  • First computers used with school children

    IBM 650 computer teaches binary arithmetic in NYC
  • University time sharing system begins

    Universities share info across the nation
  • Computer-assisted instruction movement emerges

    Large-scale, federally funded university projects use mainframe/ minicomputers system with schools
  • First computers enter schools

    Schools start using desktops inthe classroom and in administrative apps
  • Mainframe and minicomputers application dominate field

  • CAI movement declines, computer literacy movement begins

    people started to relize the you will need computer literacy to be successful
  • Microcomputer applicatoins spawn movement

  • Intergrated learning systems emerge

    Schools begin to intergrate their systems
  • world wide web is born

    The information superhighway is born
  • International society for Technology in Education creates standards

    The standards creates a guide for schools
  • ipods are used in the classroom

    ipods are used in the classroom
    ipods are used in schools as a educational tool
  • uae cellphones in the clasroom

    use the students cellphone as a tool
  • The internet become mainstream and explodes in usuage

    Majority of schools now have internet access. It started in 2000 to present
  • International society for technology in Education

    issues new updates on standards for teachers, students, and administrators