Educational Milestone Related to Educational Technology

By Wakahu
  • Radios

    Classrooms intialize to use the then popular radios. The radios were famously used for entertainment and receiving of news at home, but were used in the course of learning as well.
  • Headphones

    Popularly used among children to hear stories, or learn English while listening to the recordings
  • Handheld Calculator

    Handheld Calculator
    Was invented by Texas Instruments. It was the most elemental and was a success ti replace the room-wide calculators used prior to its invention. The ancient calculator laid the basis for the up-to-date and more efficient calculators used today.
  • Laptops

    The Laptops had a tiny screen and were very few then. Teachers, however, used them in instructing their students
  • Smartboards

    This invention created room for classrooms to become more engaging and interactive. Using the board, instructors were able personalize a slide, and then, learners could go up to the board and work on the slide physically.
  • E-Text

    E-Text first enters the market in 2003. Textbook companies, House and HarperCollins provided their text books onlinesaving on cost of printing, and making teacher and student use simpler. Contemporary,. E-Text is a big thing after constantly being subjected to updates and refination
  • iPads

    By 2012, there were over 1.5 million iPads used in schools globally. iPads are a very useful tool in school, especially with the transition to online schooling and remote learning.