EDU522 - Timeline Project

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  • NCLB

    President Bush ushered for schools to assess students using standardized tests.
  • Standardized testing

    Standardized testing
    This is a state-manded standardized testing in order to measures school performance levels.
  • Digital Learning

    Digital Learning
    Digital learning is a type of learning that is accompanied with a technology device.
  • IDEA

    The individuals with disabilities improvement act allowed for IEPs to include modifications. They also increased the amount of personnel decision on special education placement. RTI is to be practiced in all schools for students are considered at risk in the classroom.

    American Association on Mental Retardation is renamed to American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Flipped Classroom

    Flipped Classroom
    Students are taught new content at home and practice at school. This is the reverse of traditional schooling in which content is learned at school and practiced at home.
  • Higher Education Opportunity Act

    Higher Education Opportunity Act
    This act is now passed by law and allows student loan eligibility and other aid programs for those with cognitive disabilities.
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
    This act provided more than 90 billion dollars on education. This helped schools prevent layoffs, school modifications, and repairs needed to be done.
  • Common Core State Standards Initiative

    Common Core State Standards Initiative
    A set of curriculum standards are created for the whole state to follow along to ensure the best education for children.
  • Common Core Implementation

    Common Core Implementation
    After releasing the new common core throughout the state. The implementation was a slow start because everything was new for both the teachers and students. As the lessons were taught, teachers would have to give feedback to better support the new common core.
  • Special Education Reform

    Special Education Reform
    The beginning of teaching children with disabilities in less restrictive environments.
  • Kindergarten Readiness Act

    Is a new age requirement for students registering for kindergarten. They will have to be 5 by a certain cut off date.
  • Local Control and Accountability Plan

    Local Control and Accountability Plan
    This is a three year plan that tracks students goals, expections, and progress to have better outcomes.
  • Local Control Founding Formula

    Local Control Founding Formula
    Depending the child’s results will lead to the amount of services and support that the child will need to better succeed in the classroom.
  • NGSS

    The science standards in which gives the students an order that they should be learning science and how to.
  • ESSA

    President Obama passages ESSA to help focus on measuring students success by using a variety type of measurements of assessment.
  • California Multilingual Education Act

    California Multilingual Education Act
    Instead of children being taught English in only English language, the district can now decide what language instruction and program to use.
  • California School Dashboard

    California School Dashboard
    An online tool to better help teachers, students, parent, and faculty aligned with school work and progress.
  • Distance learning

    Distance learning
    The teacher and student may not physically be in the classroom but they are connected by technology at the same time. School is being taught virtually while the students is on the other side of the screen interacting with the lesson or teacher.
  • School Safety Planning

    School Safety Planning
    Classrooms k-12 must develop a classroom and school safety plan in case of an emergency.