Edmund Husserl

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  • Phenomenology made easy

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  • Born

  • Logical Investigations

    Logical Investigations
    Logical Investigations was his first phenomenological work. It is published in two volumes. The first volume criticizes psychologism while the second volume consists of six “descriptive-psychological’ and “epistemological” investigations into various categories. HIs work contributed to the development of “phenomenology, continental philosophy, and structuralism.
  • Ideas

    Huserl’s second major work. It was mostly written to clarify the distinctions between phenomenological psychology and phenomenological philosophy. According to Husserl phenomenological psychology was a secondary science, while phenomenological philosophy is the foundation of all science.
  • Formal and Transcendental Logic

    Was published as the result of decades of observation between logic and mathematics, logic and psychology, and psychologism and his own transcendental phenomenology. He emphasized that knowledge of formal logic supplies the standards of criteria for being a genuine science, the findings of that science is genuine knowledge, and finally the methods it uses are genuine ones.
  • The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology

    He gave a series of lectures in Prague that resulted in his last major work that was unfinished due to his death. The work was a pursuit to create a union between phenomenology and existentialism. There are two parts. Part one discusses how he views a crisis of science. Part two discusses Galileo Galilei and introduces the “concept of lifeworld”.
  • Death