Eastern Africa Civilizations

  • Period: Nov 18, 1200 to Nov 18, 1368

    Mongol Empire

    Founded by Ghengis Kahn, they used a mobile army, adn they learned how to use cannons.
  • Period: Nov 18, 1279 to Nov 18, 1368

    Yuan Dynasty

    Founded by kublai Khan. they had no mongol culture, and they reserved the highest government spots for the chinese.
  • Period: Nov 18, 1368 to

    Ming Dynasty

    Ming Dynasty found by Zhao Kuangyin. They defeated the mongols and had flourishing culture.
  • Period: Nov 18, 1392 to

    Choson Dynasty

    found by Tan Gun. They used confucious ideas, and had a korean alphabet.
  • Period: to

    Tokugawa Shogunate

    founded by Ieyasu Tokugawa. they centralized government with new laws. They also worshiped with Zen Buddhism.
  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

    Discovered by Li Yuan on June 18th. They achieved system canals and used confucian philosophy
  • Period: to Nov 18, 1127

    Song Dynasty

    Found by Zhao Kuangyin. located in China, and expanded their economy, with new strains of rice.
  • Period: to Nov 18, 1185

    Heian Period

    Located in Japan founded by Heian-kyō. THey had sophisticated literature and art.