early learning kindergarten

  • Information Items for Team

    Kindie Parents
    -of code 47 children: severe speech and language delays
    -200 students in the system
    Purpose of sessions:
    -building capacity of parents to help development of children at home and also what to be identifying within school
    -concrete strategies like talking through play, gross motion/fine motion
    -use of technology in this process
  • First Meeting

    Initial Meeting where the group was brought together to discuss who we are, why we are here, what we will be doing this year.
  • Second Meeting

    Telehealth Session on ipod/ipad usage with children with speech and language development delays
  • Third Session

    hosting the AB Health Region in Virtual Session:
    -Myths and misconceptions childhood development
  • Session 4

    dual language learners
  • Session 5

  • Session 6 Celebration