Early Exploration Of Australia

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  • Period: Jun 9, 1421 to

    Early Explores of Australia

  • Jun 15, 1421

    Supposed Chinese landing

    Who got to Australia first?
    It is supposed that Zheng he from china landed on Australia first and were trading with the aboriginals ever since.The evidence for this includes that Columus and Cook followed some of the maps of Australia written by the Chinese Zheng He. More proof is that China had Australian spices berfore the Europeans.
  • Maccassns

    Macassans Traders
    The maccasans start trading with the aboriginals on Australia.They trade spices for hard labour for houses and haversting food.They stay for a few months preparing the spices and then sail back to Indonesia whick is where they are from.
  • Duyfken landing

    Duyfken landing
    The DuyfkenWilliam Janzoon lands on the Cape York Penisula of Australia on board the Duyfken trading for spices.They missed the turning point for the islands where they were heading and were blown onto Australia.This is the first recorded landing on Australia.
  • Luis Váez de Torres landing

     Luis Váez de Torres landing
    A overview of Luis Vaez de TorresSpanish/Portueguese seaman Luis Vaez de Torres sails in Torres Strait between New Guinea and Australia. He may of sighted the extreme north boundary of Australia but he missed landing on Australia and he was also snagged on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Dirk Hartog

    Dirk Hartog
    Ancient AustraliaDirk Harthog on the ship Eendracht shipwrecks on the West Coast of Australia,but they survived and returned to talk about this southern land to the Dutch people.
  • Harvick Cleazoon

    The Dutch Ship Zeewolf landed in the Western Coast of Australia, commanded by Harvick Cleazoon.
  • Commander Francois Pelsaert lands

    The Discovery and Exploration of Australia
    Commander Francois Pelsaert in charge of the VOC ship Leeuwin shipwrecks on the Western Coast of Australia
  • Dutch captain Jan Carstensz navigates the Gulf of Carpentaria

     Dutch captain Jan Carstensz navigates the Gulf of Carpentaria
    The Dutch captain navigates The topmost Gulf of Carpentaria onboard the Pera and Arhem.He revists Australia again onboard the Pera.
  • Abel Tasman landing

    Abel Tasman landing
    Ancient Australian History
    The Dutch Explorer Abel Tasman founded Van Diemen's land and was the first to land there(apart from the Aboriginals) and discovered New Zealand.
  • William Dampier

    William Dampier<a
    William Dampier onbard the Roebuck landed in Shark Bay in the West Coast of Australia in 1699.Due to the lack of food and provisions, he was forced to leave in 1700.
  • Cook sets off from England

    Captain James Cook
    Captain Cook sets off from England onboard the Endeavour.He first headed to Tahiti for astronimical measures then set out in search of the
    Great Southern Land.
  • James Cook

    James Cook
    Captain James Cook
    James Cook was a British explorer and sailed off on the Endeavour in search of the Great Southern Land.He landed on Botany Bay (first named Stinray Harbour) and claimed the land for the British Crown.Captain James Cook was the first man to land on the East Coast of Australia
  • First Fleet

    First Fleet
    The First Fleet
    The first Fleet was a group of convicts from Britain sent to Australia to set up Australia as a penal colony.These convicts were on the boat for nearly eight months.