Early Education Assignment

Timeline created by Ayleanna
  • Dame Schools

  • First Jamestown School Established

  • Harvard College established

  • Introduction

    Chalkboard introduced into classrooms
  • State Literacy Fund

  • First Schools For the Deaf Established

  • Tuskegee University

  • Dawes Act

  • National Commission on Excellence in Education

  • Plessy vs Ferguson

  • Transition

    One room orientation to graded classrooms
  • Brown Vs Board Of Education

  • Elementary and Secondary Education act

  • Bilingual Education Act

  • Title IX

  • Public Law 93-142

  • Technology

    New technological devices get brought into classrooms for learning purposes
  • Technology introduced

    Filmstrip projector becomes introduced to schools
  • Technology Introduced

    Overhead projector gets introduced into schools
  • Technology introduced

    Motion picture gets introduced into schools for learning purposes
  • Technology introduced

    Education televisions are introduced into schools for learning purposes
  • No Child Left Behind Act

  • Students

    61 million primary school-age children were not enrolled in school
  • Technology

    Tablet sales for k-12 market increases by 340% from 2011-2012
  • Students

    31 million primary school pupils worldwide dropped out of school
  • Students

    61 million children of primary school age are not enrolled in school
  • Literate

    82.6% of women were literate compared to 89.5% of men
  • Income

    1/6 of low and middle-income countries will not complete primary schools
  • Literacy

    745.1 million roughly total illiterate adults
  • Survey

    78% of middle and high school teachers think digital technology encourages higher levels of creativity
  • Internet

    Students can view authentic materials over the internet or even use the internet to communicate with students in other classrooms from foreign countries
  • Apps

    Apps enable students to learn concepts in their home language
  • Online schooling

    25 states offer online learning opportunities for students through virtual learning
  • Devices

    More apps developed to support student learning with handheld devices
  • Requirements

    Some states are adding more stringent technology requirements for the teachers
  • Students

    School data indicates poorer students are more disadvantaged when it comes to digital equipment
  • Students

    Projected 50.7 million students in public schools
  • Students

    Projected 5.7 million students in private schools
  • Students

    Projected 19.7 million students expected to attend college and universities
  • Students

    3.7 million kids are expected to attend kindergarten