Early Colonies

  • Feb 21, 1565

    St. Augustine

    St. Augustine was the oldest colony that was in the United States. It was established by Europeans. St. Augustine was founded by a Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez de Aviles.
  • Roanoke Colonay

    The Roanoke colony got a name called the Lost Colony
  • New Netherland

    New Netherland was a region in America claimed b the Duch
  • Jamestown

    Jamestown was named after King James the 1st. By the first winter that the were there 40 or less people died.
  • Plymouth

    The Plymouth colany was the second english colany that was succsesful. The Plymouth colany was an indipendant colany until 1691.
  • Williamsburg

    It was the very first English settlement that was permanent. It was in Virgina.
  • New Sweden

    New Sweden was the only Swedish colony. It was along the Delaware river.
  • Pennsylvania Colony

    The Pennsylvania Colony was founded by a Quaker named William Penn.