drew nails mexican american war timeline

By MsOlson
  • Period: to

    mexican american war

  • texas admitted to the union

    texas was addmitted to the united states
  • us tried to buy land (sidel and polk)

    president polk sends sidell to mexico to buy california and new mexico but its leaked to the press and the mexican president refused to meet with sidel
  • us troops stationed at disputed border

    us troops are stationed at the rio grande
  • us declares war

    us declares war with mexico
  • Us victories battle of cerro gordo

    in the battle the americans were outnumbered 12000 to 8500 but still gained a victory and it opened a path to mexico city
  • mexico city surrended

    us occupies mexico city
  • treaty of guadelupe hidalgo

    the treaty was signed and rushed to washington and it said that the mexicans will give california and texas to the americans