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DREAMS Project

  • 2013 Planning

    2013 Planning
    The directors and coordinators meet to plan events and schedule tentative dates for the one-day program and summer camp.
  • Meet School Administrators

    Meet School Administrators
    Directors meet with school administrators to receive input and suggestions on program dates and one-day program themes; student performance will also be discussed.
  • School Visit

    School Visit
    The director visits Ouachita Junior High School to meet the DREAMS’ students and the OJH assistant principal.
  • Volunteers Meeting

     Volunteers Meeting
    Directors, coordinators, team leaders and other volunteers meet to finalize dates and discuss details of the program. Discussions of themes, activities, and other required arrangements also take place.
  • Meeting with Organizational Representatives

    Meeting with Organizational Representatives
    Evaluate last year's program and its impact. Discuss the whole year plan. Present required resources for the 2013 year.
  • Visit St. Joseph's Nursing Home

    Visit St. Joseph's Nursing Home
    The executive director and activity coordinator meet with the administrator of the nursing home to prepare plans for the April 27th one-day community service program.
  • Telephone conferece with Team Leader and coordinators

    Telephone conferece with Team Leader and coordinators
    The team leader presents the final number of participants after contacting the students and their parents; set a plan to contact students that have not confirmed.
  • General Meeting

    General Meeting
    The director and activity coordinator meet to finalize plans for the 27th community service program. Roles and responsibilities are distributed.
  • Community Out-Reach Program

    Community Out-Reach Program
    One day Community Out-Reach Program for the DREAMS participants at St. Joseph's Nursing Home. Program starts at 9:00 am and ends at 2.30pm
  • Evaluation Meeting

    Evaluation Meeting
    The committee will meet and evaluate the entire program based on observations and feedback from students and members of the St. Joseph's Nursing Home. Documentation will be kept for improving future programs. Briefly discuss the summer camp from July 15th-19th at Ouachita Junior High School.
  • Collect Concent Forms from Schools

    Collect Concent Forms from Schools
    Collect all signed consent forms from schools and decide a date for meeting with parents in June.
  • Summer Camp Planning

    Summer Camp Planning
    General meeting to provide detailed planning of upcoming summer program. Administrators of the schools will also be invited.
  • Parents Meeting

    Parents Meeting
    Directors and coordinators, along with school administrators, meet with parents of the participants; details of the five day program and its benefits will be provided. Ask parents for their support and collaboration.
  • Conference Call

    Conference Call
    Based on email communications regarding the development of the camp preparation, discuss any clarifications and suggestions.
  • Volunteer Orientation

    Volunteer Orientation
    Half-day training and orientation program for all volunteers and committees.
  • Final Preparation

    Final Preparation
    Final meeting before the summer camp. The executive director will describe the total program. Every committee head will brief members on their plans.
  • Period: to

    Summer Camp

    Five day Summer Camp from 9:00 am until 2:30 pm. Special lunch and session for parents on the afternoon of the 19th.
  • Evaluation Meeting

    Evaluation Meeting
    Evaluation meeting and dinner for all those who collaborated for the summer camp. Everyone will have a chance to share their experiences and thoughts for improvements. General coordinator will document the minutes.
  • Meeting with School Administrators

    Meeting with School Administrators
    Meeting will be held to receive feedback about the students; discuss the theme for one-day program in October.
  • Directores and Coordinators meet

    Directores and Coordinators meet
    Finalize the plan for the one-day program on October 12.
  • Volunteers' meeting

    Volunteers' meeting
    The executive director describes the details of the program on October 12.
  • Fall One Day

    Fall One Day
    Fall one-day follow up program.
  • General Evaluation meeting

    General Evaluation meeting
    General meeting for all volunteers, school administrators, and associated organization's representatives and parents to discuss and evaluate the entire program; decide on winter one-day program.
  • Winter One Day Follow Up

    Winter One Day Follow Up
    One-day program and Christmas celebration. Visit nursing home/veterans’ home to share cards and gifts with them.