Doppelganger by: David Stahler Jr.

Timeline created by lukky.
  • Expostion

    The main character, who has no name, is a doppelganger. He is 16 years old and lived in a cabin for his whole life. He also has a mom, again she is a doppelganger so she has no name. Being the main character's mom, she has to teach the main character how to survive and shapeshift. She left him to fend for himself since he's 16 and he's "weak" like his father whos whereabouts are unknown. So he left the cabin...
  • Conflict

    The main character traveled until he saw an ill old man, so sick he was dying. So the main character killed him, took his form, and just ventured along the train tracks until he stumbled upon the town of Bakersville. At Bakersville he acted as if he was a begger and slept on the streets, until a couple high school students started laughing at him, and one of their names were Chris. Chris is a star football player at Bakersville HIgh, and also the main character's next victim.
  • Rising Action

    The main character soon killed Chris and started to live his life. The main character, as Chris, encounters many problems in Chris's crazy life. Problems which include family matters and many things that happen in school, like football and Chris's girlfriend.
  • Turning Point

    The main character, as Chris, soon fixes family problems with his parents and little sister. The main character also starts to love Chris's girlfriend aka Amber since the main character told Amber who he really was, a doppelganger. Amber doesn't care what the main character is or what he looks like, which led to their real relationship.
  • Falling Action

    Days past and the main character thought he had everything settled. He thought that after all the crap he has went through he is finally free. He forgot about he cannot keep Chris's form forever, even though Amber didn't care what he looked like, he didn't want her to see the real him. Also a female doppelganger soon finds the main character. This "Sheganger" wants to mate with the main character but his heart belongs to Amber.
  • Resolution(part 1)

    The "Sheganger" tried to seduce the main character into loving her, and bribed him that she could look whatever she wanted him to look like. The main character didn't like what she said, first of all she was 81 and he was 16, and secondly he hated her evil, cold personality, he loved Amber because of her friendly personality which Amber and the main character both had, so he shot the sheganger with Chris's dad's gun. He soon had to leave Amber a thing to remember him by, since he was losing...
  • Resolution(part 2)

    Chris's form, and he left without a word, back to his cabin. The main character will always remember Amber, and he hopes she does the same.