DND Connected Universe Timeline

  • 112

    Demigods Crisis Averted

    The Cult of Talona are stopped by Chronometris and his allies.
  • 282

    Tumbletop Earthquakes

    The Retaliators climb the tumbletop mountain and kill the vrocks that were disturbing tumbletop.
  • 347

    Strahd Take Over

    Strahd Take Over
    Strahd takes over Barovia and begins to rule the lands.
  • 347

    The Army takes Argynvostholt

    Strahd's Army invades Barovia and takes the fight to Argynvostholt.
  • 351

    Dark Powers

    Dark Powers
    Strahd gains the dark powers. He kills Sergei on his wedding day and Tatyana kills herself.
  • 404

    Randall Begins Working with the King

    Randall Begins Working with the King
    Randall and the king begin to work together and Randall begins to grow getting more powerful.
  • 469

    Nistia Kills and Traps Inos in Barovia

    Nistia Kills and Traps Inos in Barovia
    Nistia knew to get rid of their father they would need to get rid of Inos. She had made a deal with Strahd on how to get rid of her brother. She would give Strahd the Vistani in return he would keep her brother trapped in Barovia.
  • 470

    Vistani Arrive

    Vistani Arrive
    This is when the Vistani arrive in Barovia and Madame Eva makes her deal with Strahd.
  • 505

    The War of the Gods

    The War of the Gods
    This is the fight that happened in Quavania between Nistia and her father Helm.
  • 562

    Underdark Mining

    After a Kingdom is decimated in a mysterious way 3 people are sent from the neighboring kingdom to investigate. Along the way finding a 4th member to their party. They investigate the kingdom finding a rediscovered hideout of a cult long forgotten to time that was awakened from petrification.
  • 562

    Negative Energy Rift

    The Cult of Talona were able to bring their dreams to life through a horrifying monster from the Negative Energy Plane.
  • 671

    Wizards Kitchen

    A crazy wizard by the name of Norbert kidnaps 3 adventurers on their way back from a quest. He shrinks them down and leaves them in his kitchen while he goes to kill horses. The adventurers try to get out of the kitchen but only one is successful.
  • 684

    Prison Break

    A high security prison in an unknown location is filled with some of the most dangerous people of the area. A group of prisoners get together and create an escape plan.
  • Jun 16, 725

    Mordenkainen Arrives in Barovia

    Mordenkainen Arrives in Barovia
    Mordenkainen Arrives in Barovia to kill Strahd.
  • Jul 12, 725

    Mordenkainen Fights Strahd

    Mordenkainen fights Strahd at the top of the Tser Falls and is defeated. He looses his spellbook and staff when thrown over the falls. He retreats to Mount Baratok where he goes insane.
  • Apr 17, 727

    The Race to Ash Mountain

    The Race to Ash Mountain
    This is when the characters start their adventure to ash mountain.
  • Apr 22, 727

    King and Randall Killed

    The characters kill Randall and the King.
  • Dec 19, 734

    Death House

    Death House
    The CoS crew arrive in Barovia and go through the Death House.
  • Dec 26, 734

    Start of CoS

    The characters start the adventure in Barovia.
  • Jan 17, 735

    The Circus Comes to Town

    The Circus Comes to Town
    The circus crew arrives in Barovia.
  • Jan 20, 735

    Mad Mage Death

    The circus crew kills Mordenkainen in his mansion.
  • Jan 29, 735

    Death of Strahd

    Strahd dies to the CoS crew and the dark powers choose a new host in H.H.
  • Jul 22, 735

    Barovia Freed

    Barovia Freed
    Circus crew shows up to kill H.H. who then commits suicide. Mordenkainen comes back and banishes the dark powers back to the Amber Temple freeing Barovia.
  • Aug 30, 735

    THA Crew Arrive in Quavania

    THA Crew Arrive in Quavania
    The THA crew are attacked by the Kraken on their boat. They are rescued by Saturyn and brought to the shores of Calatori in Quavania.
  • Dec 30, 735

    The Pit

    Alternate universe pit that leads the pit characters into main universe.
  • Dec 31, 735

    THA saves Quavania and Kills Nistia

  • Jul 1, 762

    The Sun Disappears

    The Sun Disappears
    The start of the Grimwald campaign.
  • Jul 3, 762

    The End of Grimwald

    The end of the Grimwald campaign.
  • 794

    God Weapon

    Johnny Law weapon lands on Earth and there is a race to who can get to it.
  • May 21, 824


    Old adventurers in the nursing home go on an adventure inside a fairytale world.
  • 844

    Escape from Dis

    Escape from Dis
    When adventurers come across a mirror in the street and look into it they are pulled into the 2nd layer of the Lower Planes, Dis. With the help of a Alu Fiend named Damien they are able to escape.
  • 1208

    Dark Powers Rediscovered

    Dark Powers Rediscovered
    The Amber Temple is rediscovered and a group of adventurers explore the temple to uncover the dark powers that are lying within.
  • 1396

    Murder Mystery

    At an annual event held by the biggest crime families of Everton come together to discuss business and have a party for their people. On this night Valentine "Watchman" De Marco is murdered, but the 24 hour to solve the crime expires leaving no trace of who the killer is.
  • The New Frontier

    Space begins to be explored for the first time to see what is out there and calculate the odds of space settlement for the future.
  • New New New Neo Hampshire

    New New New Neo Hampshire
    Moon living
  • Retrieve the Datacore

    A ragtag group of space adventurers are sent on a quest to retrieve Dropkick Wilson's Datacore in the Pegasus System.