The Evolution of Trains

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    The Evolution of Trains

    The first beginnings of train parts till the advanced train technology today.
  • First Wagonway

    First Wagonway
    Huntingdon Beaumont created first recorded wagonway in England. Soon after that similar railways/wagonways started appearing across England.
  • First Stationary Steam Engine

    First Stationary Steam Engine
    Scotsman James Watt managed to build first stationary steam engine. Over the next few years he and his associates improved their design, enabling machine to produce enough power slow 6-8 mph train movement.
  • First Public Railway

    First Public Railway
    First public railway was created in London. It transported goods via horse power on the line that was 14 km long.
  • First Locomotive

    First Locomotive
    Englishman Matthew Murray created first steam based locomotive in Leeds. Richard Trevithick showcased his locomotive in public.
  • Commercial Railways

    Commercial Railways
    First commercial passenger railway opens in England on the Middleton Railway.

    George Stephenson builds his famous LOCOMOTION No. 1, capable of pulling 90 tons of coal at 15mph.
  • First Locomotive in America

    First Locomotive in America
    First steam locomotive started working in America, but its excessive weight forced it to become stationary boiler.
  • The Commercial "Rocket" Train

    The Commercial "Rocket" Train
    Stephenson’s locomotive “Rocket” became fastest train ever built with its top speed of 30mph. It was capable of carrying 30 people.
  • First American Steam Engine

    First American Steam Engine
    Americans built their first steam engine. It worked great until 1931 when it exploded.
  • First Underground Railway

    First Underground Railway
    First underground railway started working in London. Success of this track gave birth to the modern subways.
  • First Automatic Air Brake

    First Automatic Air Brake
    American inventor George Westinghouse patented his first automatic air brake, which soon became primary brake system in all future trains.
  • Diesel-Powered Locomotives

    Diesel-Powered Locomotives
    Diesel powered locomotives started being used in Sweden.
  • Diesel-Electric Power

    Diesel-Electric Power
    America finished their transition from steam models to diesel-electric power.
  • First Bullet Train

    First Bullet Train
    First bullet train introduced in Japan. It traveled between Tokyo and Osaka with the average speed of 160km/h.
  • The French TGV

    The French TGV
    France begun using their high speed train – TGV. It had average traveling speed of 213 km/h and top speed of 300km/h.
  • Shangai Largest Metro System

    Shangai Largest Metro System
    Shanghai Metro becomes world’s largest urban transit system with 420m of lines and 278 stations.