Developmental Psych

  • I was born.

    I was born.
    I was born at a healthy weight of 8lbs. and 15oz.
  • Baptism

    In 2003, I was baptized by my parents in the catholic church.
  • Began to walk

  • Started kindergarten

    I went to elementary school at cardinal elementary.
  • Met my best friends

    In middle school i met some of my best friends.
  • Started middle school

    I went to middle school at south sioux city middle school.
  • Puberty

    I got my first period in 7th grade.
  • Started High School

  • Met my boyfriend

    In October of 2019 I met my boyfriend while working at target together.
  • Graduated High School

  • Started college

    I started college at morning side university.
  • Transfer college

    I ended the semester at morningside and transferred to western iowa tech community college because morningside was too expensive for me.