Development Timeline

  • 0-12 months

    0-12 months
    Physical Development- Child starts to get longer and gains weight...Generally fat production stops around nine months
    Cognitive Development- Sensory Motor Stage....this stage is when the child starts to develope Motor skills. The child also uses his senses to understand things
    Social Develpoment- The child learns to trust the people that are in his/her life.
    Moral- The child does things in fear of punishment...obedience&punishment stage
  • 1-3 years

    1-3 years
    Physical-The childs growth begins to slow down.
    Moral- The reciprocity stage is when the child shares if others share.
    Cognitive-The preopertional stage is when the child begins to learn language and asingn human characteristics to things.
    Social-The child learns his body and begins to develope fine motor skills.
  • 3-6 years

    3-6 years
    Physical- By the end of this stage the avg. male weighs 48 pounds and is 48 inches tall.
    Cognitive- The preoperational is also when the child begins to be able to answer "what" questions but not "why" questions.
    Moral- "Good Child" the child does things to please adults or people with authority.
    Social-The child starts to become curious and ask many questions.
  • 6-10

    Physical- Growth is slow but steady
    Cognitive- The concrete operational stage is children are able to use deductive reasoning and is generally the stage children 6-10 are at.
    Moral- At the Law and order stage children thing rules are absolute and doesnt question them.
    Social- child learns to read, write..they begin to feel industrious.
  • 11-14

    Physical- The teen begins puberty and harmones are raging.
    Cognitive- The formal operational stage is when the child can use abstarct reasoning and iductive/deductive reasoning.
    Moral- the prinicpled stage is when the teen's beliefs begin to be based on abstract ethics
    Social- This when the teen is begining to learn who they are in the world.
  • 14-18

    Physical- The teen begins to grow facial hair, harmones are still raging..the teen begins to notice the opposite sex more.
    Cognitive- Formal operational stage is when the teen is able to preform mental manipulations and answer "how" and "why" questions
    Moral-Cosmic stage is when the teen seeks unity with themselves and the universe.
    Social- The teen is ready to share himself with someone else (relationship)