development of the FA in the UK

  • Period: to


    the FA Formed in 1863, it is the oldest football association in the world and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the amateur and professional game in its territory.
  • eboneza cobb morley

    the opointed secretary of the FA eboneza cobb morley arranged meetings with representitives from the involved teams in order to lay down rules.
  • the first FA cup

    The first cup final was played at the oval between the royal wanderers and the engeniers with only 2000 spectators.
  • ameture to profesional

    before 1890 the game was majorily plaid by ametures however in
    1890 professional teams became the majority making it more competitve and more interesting to watch. by doing this it then helped develop the sport of football today it helped make the leagues more serious and helped footballers become athletes.
  • england world cup win

    1966 englan win the world cup in their home country this had a direct impact on the development of football in the uk as a massive boost of money and interest participation was increased across all ages.
  • bradford city stand fire

    the bradford city stand fire tragedy killed 56 people and injured atleast 250 the cause of the fire was a ciggerette droped on a all wood stand, since then the development of the sport has resulted in all stands in stadiums throughout the profesional leagues being fire resistant.