Development! (:

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    Develpoment! (:

  • The Newborn! Physical development.

    A new born has a tiny jaw, a flat nose, and have a soft spot on the top of there head.
  • Newborn! Physical Develpment.

    Newborn babys have dry skin so its good to put lotion on them everyday.
  • Newborn! Physical development

    Newborns reflexs are automatic. (unlearned behaviors)
  • Newborn! Social-Emotional development

    New borns have diffrent cries for everything. Ex. A slow cry that becomes loudeer means they are hungry or very bord.
  • Newborn! Social-Emotional Development.

    Newborns cannot talk yet so they use crying to communicate.
  • Newborn! Social-Emotional Development

    Newborns usually have Colic abdominal pain. This will make them cry even more. Cuddling and rocking the baby can help.
  • The Infant! (Age:1month to 1year) Physical Develpoment.

    The Infants head id 1/4 the size of the total body length.
  • Infant! (Age:1month-1year) Physical Development.

    THe infant will start having there teeth comein around 6 months
  • Infant! (Age: 1month-1year) Physical Develpment.

    The apperance of heighth, weight, teeth, ect. will all change.
  • Infant! Intellectual Development

    Infants learn by watching what other people do and trying to do that to.
  • Infant! Intellectual Development.

    Infants cry when strangers or people they do not reconize are around or holding them
  • Infant! Intellectual Development!

    Infants express there language by crying. they have diffrent cries for diffrent things
  • Infant. Intellectual Development.

    Infants can now learn how to reconize voices.
  • Infant! Intellectual Development

    Infant may start learning how to smile.
  • Infant! Social-Emotional Development.

    Infants are now showing attachment and learning to trust other people
  • Infant! Social-Emotional Development

    Infants are learning how to play with others and share
  • Toddler Physical Development

    The soft spot has now went away.
  • Toddler Physical Development

    There bones become harder
  • Toddler Physical Development

    At this age toddlers start to master walking
  • Toddler Intellectual Development

    toddlers articulate. Articulation is making sounds of a language. They can almost say sone words and other words they are just babbaling.
  • Toddler Intellectual Development

    Toddlers are VERY egar to learn and cerious about everything!
  • Toddler Intellectual Development

    Toddlers try feeding and dressing thereselves.
  • Toddler Intellectual Development

    When they are 18 months they begin to think about what they ae doing befor they do it.
  • Toddler Intellectual development

    Toddlers Mental think about what they are doing.
  • Presschooler Physical Development

    Toddlers are now throwing and catching
  • Preschooler Physical development

    Preschoolers are balenced and walk heel to toe.
  • Preschooler Physical Development

    Preschoolers can now build straight towers