development of rock and roll

  • Sam Phillips opens his first Sun records studio

    This was very important because Sam Phillips and Sun records helped put some undervalued guys on the big scene and showed the world their talents.
  • Alan Freed coins the term "Rock n' Roll"

    This was important because it gave this music genre the name we still use today.
  • "I Love Lucy" premieres

    This was significant because it was a big and very talked about show during this time so a common way that artists would create relate-ability with listeners was to reference popular TV shows
  • Launch of Gibson Les Paul guitar

    This was significant because it gave artist more sounds to experiment with to make their music better,
  • U.S. Supreme Courts rules against segregation in schools

    This was very significant because it gave young black people the opportunities of the white people and put them on a more even playing field.
  • Launch of Fender Stratocaster

    This was very important because this guitar was an artist favorite and led to lots more music and better sounds
  • Fats Domino releases "Ain't that a Shame"

    This song is a New Orleans Rock song by Fats Domino from New Orleans. This song was influential because it showcased the mixture of music and culture that is in New Orleans and how diverse the city and music is.
  • "Around the Clock" was released

    This song was by Bill Haley from Michigan. This song was one of the most significant in Northern band rock and roll songs as it is argued that it was the first rock and roll song ever
  • Elvis Presley releases "Hound Dog"

    This is a Memphis Country Rock song by Elvis Presley from Mississippi. This song was important because it put Memphis Country on the map and gave Elvis a lot of fame
  • Song Lyrics reviewed before song release

    This is significant because it shows that rock and roll was a scandalous form of music and is the reason that some older people did not like it.
  • "Come Fly With Me" is released

    This song by Frank Sinatra from New Jersey was a big Chicago Rock and Roll hit. It was one of Frank Sinatra's best song and helped bring Chicago Rock and Roll on to the big stage.
  • Plane crash kills Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper

    This event was extremely important because it was a mark to the end of Rock and Roll in the 1950s.