Dennis's school 2020

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    Dennis's School 2020

  • BYOD Initiative

    After a year of hemming and hawing, the school board finally approves the BYOD initiative. It will take another year for the IT department to make this a reality at the sites.
  • One-to-One Implementation

    The BYOD has been such a success, administrators have determined that they actually can afford to purchase devices for those students who do not bring their own. Furthermore, technology imported from India turns out to cost less per student that a large Starbucks Coffee. Teachers forgo a day of coffee and purchase devices for their needy students.

    CCSS/SBAC has successfully completed its first year. This milestone will, with the implementation of better assessment, harbor the beginning of Competency based learning and funding accross the nation and California, despite being last to come around, will eventually get on board.
  • Adoptions

    The greatest comedy in public education occured today when the state board adopted the Internet as its official math and ELA textbooks. The humor lies in the fact that students and teachers now have all information, and they had to pay Pearson nothing for this privilage.
  • 50/50

    all secondary students take on average half of their classes on line. They take these classes when and where they want. They go at the pace they want.
  • The end of CTA

    CTA has finally gone the way of the dinosaur. Teachers now work like other professionals. They sit for a bar. They are awarded the right to practice pedegogy in the state of California. If they are not successful coaching students to learn new things, they are fired, and if this becomes a habit, they are disbarred and allowed to practice in Nevada.
  • CA initiates Competency based funding

    One year after the majority of state in the US move away from seat time funding, California does likewise claiming that it was their idea all along.
  • Learning Hub

    The school building has been completely transformed into a learning center, a social hub for the community. It resembles a university with students and parents coming and going Peers and mentors work together as students chose and at times agreed upon by study groups.