Democratic Party

  • The Democratic party was created

    Thomas Jefferson creats the Democratic - Republican party.
  • Jefferson Runs!

    Democratic party elects Jefferson to run for Presidency
  • Democrats against Federalist

    before the war of 1812 the democrats were against the federalist ideas of high taxes, a navy and military spending,. after a near loss they started to consider those things.
  • Banks and farming

    After the war of 1812 the Democratic party wanted to expand farming and to expand banks. with the the land they got from the natives they expanded
  • Jackson for Pres!

    Andrew Jackson elected as President
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    Stephan Douglas the main democrat in the senate pushed and pushed for the act to go through
  • Democrats cant stop linclon

    the Presiedental elecion of 1860 linclon wins which means that the democrats will lose most of ther power
  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson wins election.
  • solid south

    The south was voting for the Democratic party for a long time. each presidental election the southern states were for the demoratic party rather than the republican party
  • National Convetion

    the democrats held a convention on who will run for president
  • Democrats take the house

    The election of Woodrow Wilson brought many democrats into the House of Representitives. They conrolled the House for the the years he was president.
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Another democrate wins the election
  • JFK!

    John F Kennedy wins the election
  • Jimmy Carter's term

  • William Clinton

    Bill Clinton wins the presidental election.