Democratic Party

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    Democratic Events in History

  • Joan Derk van de Capellen dead

    The leader of democratic Patriots, Joan Derk van de Capellen, dies at 42
  • Democratic revolution in Amsterdam ends oligarchy

  • The first Democratic National Convention in Baltimore

  • First symbol was a Donkey used by Democratic Party

  • Social Democratic Workmen's Party

  • Boss Tweed dead

    American Politician, Democratic leader of Tammany Hall died
  • Grover Cleveland 1st Democratic President since Civil War

  • Democratic Republic declares independence from Russia

  • Social Democratic Party becomes Communistc Party

  • 1st political telecast (Democratic National Committee)

  • Democratic Convention nominates Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Dutch Social Democratic Party forms

  • Korea proclaimed Democratic Republic

  • Dutch democratic party wins elections by 29%

  • Christian Democratic Party forms

  • Democratics nominates John F. Kennedy for presidential candidate

  • 5 people arrested for burglarizing Democratic Party

  • Jimmy Carter wins Democratic President nomination

  • Democratic party nominates Al Gore

  • Former Democratic Party candidate John Edwards

    cleared on one count of corruption, with a mistrial declared on the other five counts