Democracy Timeline

By ahzam
  • 200

    Democracy Begins in Athens

    Democracy Begins in Athens
    In 5th cantury BC the citizens of rome wom the right to elect their leaders.In 287 BC the decisions of the people's assembly are technically given the status of law. Not everyone were able to vote only males who were older then 18 and sons of Athenian were eligible to vote.Womens and Slaves could'nt vote.
  • Period: 200 to

    Democracy of the World

    This is a brief timeline showing how demmocracy evolved. By: Ahzam K, Waleed K.
  • Jan 1, 1100

    Northern Italy

    Northern Italy
    Many of the towns of northern Italy acquire virtual independence as self-governing communes.
  • Jan 1, 1302


    The estates-general of France gather for the first time, in Notre Dame, to consider the king's relationship with the pope.
  • Petition of Right

    Petition of Right
    The Petition of Right sets out specific liberties of the subject that the king is prohibited from infringing. The Petition contains restrictions on non-Parliamentary taxation, forced billeting of soldiers, imprisonent without cause, and restricts the use of martial law.
  • The Great Reform Act

    The Great Reform Act
    British parliamentary act that expanded the electorate. It transferred voting privileges from the small rural boroughs controlled by the nobility and gentry to the heavily populated but underrepresented industrial towns.
  • British women

    British women
    British women are at last given the right to vote, but only if aged 30 or over.
  • Hitler

    Adolf Hitler joins the tiny German Workers' party, the members of which share his own virulent anti-semitism.
  • Hitler the Leader

    Hitler the Leader
    Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi party, which now has about 3000 members.
  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah
    Mohammed Ali Jinnah becomes president of the Muslim League in India.
  • Federal Elections in Canada

    Federal Elections in Canada
    Federal elections Act is changed taking race out of voting in elections.
  • Canadian Bill of Rights

    Canadian Bill of Rights
    John Diefenbaker( prime minister during that year) Introduces the Canadian Bill of Rights.
  • Congress

    Congress passes a Freedom of Information Act, giving the public an important new right in the USA
  • Ethopians

    Ethiopians have their first experience of democracy in a free presidential election, won by Meles Zenawi.
  • Woman Suffrage

    Woman Suffrage
    A corporation named women suffrage stood up for women,women were given the go ahead to vote in the USA in 1913 and in UK in 1918.
  • Scandivian

    In Scandivian something common to democracy was happening, some free mens from several communities would get together and try to find solutions for big issues to make the community better.